Alison Walker

Having worked for over 25 years as an interim director, management consultant and leader on OD and Engagement programmes in central and local government, the NHS, Virgin, Atos, the BBC and Channel 3 Consulting, Alison decided to set up her own consulting business. She has an MBA from Kingston University Business School and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Management. Alison is keen to support the transformation of services for those who access them by putting customers and service users at the heart of organisations, using feedback, sharing best practice and bringing in learning from what works in other sectors, adapting approaches to suit each organisation's special circumstances, culture and timeframe.

Alison's experience covers a range of industries from telecomms, aviation, fashion and the media to central government, NHS and local government, focused on OD, engagement, strategy, customer focus and transformation. 

Alison has been part of many ground-breaking, innovative programmes:

NHS Vanguards, Better Care Fund and new models of care across England

Commissioning and clinical pathway redesign in London, West Midlands and the South West.

UK Broadband Britain and Digital Government.

The establishment of Community Interest Companies and new corporate governance law in the UK

The transformation of back office support and shared services

Integrated care programmes across the NHS and social care, working with acutes, community, mental health, GP, local authority, voluntary sector stakeholders and NHSE

Engagement programmes for government to interact with its business, union and third sector stakeholders

Government support for the British Fashion Council during the 'Cool Britannia' period supporting British designers (the best job in Government!) and tries to promote British design wherever she can.

Diversity-led leadership development programmes to enhance current and future top team diversity and inclusion

Her experience is broad, spans the political spectrum and is internationally based

She has worked with Labour and Conservative Ministers, operated within government departments from the FCO, MoJ, DWP, DTI to No 10, HMT, local authorities, the third sector and NHS bodies across the UK. Alison fully understands the challenges and options for those seeking to transform without, disrupting service to the very people they serve. 

She lived and worked in Australia, promoting British Industries ranging from utilities, telecoms and software to fashion, mining and food. She was the UK's representative at the European Commission Group on the Retail Industry,  and in her first job in BBC Radio News experienced first-hand how news bulletins and the TODAY programme are compiled. 

Alison has operated in markets around the World, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Dubai, China and Japan to name a few and has a truly international outlook.

She has an MBA (Distinction) in Strategic Management from Kingston University Business School, recently voted one of the World's top 30 business schools, and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Management and Institute of Business Consulting. Alison is currently writing a book on Public Sector transition.

Interim Vice President Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Holidays for OD and Customer Training leading Talent, L&D, Apprenticeships, Performance Management , leadership, customer service and Airline compliance training.

Programme Director of West Yorkshire Vanguard Programme for Attain Consulting 

Director of Consulting OD in Channel 3 Consulting leading engagements and bids on OD, organisational change, engagement, integrated working across health and social care, clinical services reviews, mobile working, leadership reviews and emerging and board leadership development across the acute, community, MH, CCG/ CSU, local authority base in a range of locations from Dorset, Hampshire, Cheshire to East Anglia and Yorkshire.

Business Performance Solutions and People and Change practice of Atos Consulting, employing a range of consulting solutions on HR, OD, Strategy, IT transformational projects and creating NHS CSUs, CCGs, new patient pathways and leading business unit redesigns, across the NHS in England from London, the West Midlands, Scotland, South West and Shropshire. Interim OD Board level roles undertaken across a range of clients. She was an part of the Atos and Staffordshire CSU team that won the MCA Award 2013 for the Best Public Sector Change Programme.